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Planning in the UK is complex, time-consuming and it can cost you tens of thousands of pounds.  Often, these costs will be lost, you can be pouring money down the drain.

You might not maximise the value of your land, only to see someone else do it at a later stage.


Remember, there are always political and economic threats on the horizon.  Whether it's banking uncertainty, newly restrictive planning policies or a repressive tax regime, all of these can stop you getting a fair deal.

Planning costs alone can be prohibitive, often upwards of £150,000 and these can all be wasted if planning consent is refused.

Despite the risks and difficulties of the planning system we are confident in our success rate. So confident we will pay for all of your planning, appeal  and selling costs.

Treasury Land are only paid on success. Your success.

No planning consent - No fees.

So why not take advantage of professional expertise and advice from Chartered Surveyors with decades of experience in the industry?  Together we can make the very best of the opportunities that are before you today.

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